Estate is a short moving image work made in response to an invitation by Leanne Turvey, Convenor, Schools & Teachers, Tate, for Album2 an exhibition at Five Years gallery, London in 2013. Leanne’s premise for the show was that we could all consider works that hadn’t been seen, perhaps in drawers in the studio, or ideas not fully formed.

To support this she paired us for conversations with each other over a number of months. I met with Anna Lucas to talk about film, and stills and real film and made my first moving image work while Anna showed stills. We each encouraged each other to pursue those things which were at the edge of what we normally do.

Estate was filmed at night in my flat in Whitechapel, London. Automatic shutter release equipment triggered by sound was attached to an off-screen camera that fires its flash as the sound levels of voices in the street below increase. This flash intermittently illuminates the otherwise dark room in response to the laughing and shouting of the voices below.

Album2 exhibiting artists; Jo Addison, Anna Lucas, Louisa Martin, Melanie Stidolph, Alice Walton and Maria Zahle, curated by Leanne Turvey, catalogue text by Amy McKelvie, Curator, Schools & Teachers, Tate.