Endless Reproduction

Work in progress

I made these photographs during the years I was unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant. They merge the frustrations and increased medical interventions of trying to conceive, with the mechanical processes and failures of photography.

The photographs are part of a larger body of work made in the studio, darkroom and home over a 5 year period. The chapters of the book chart the journey of trying; from relying on nature, living by the calendar, assisted by drugs and monitoring, and then increasingly random trying before eventual defeat.

In ‘Endless Reproduction’ birds document the human nest, apples photograph themselves falling up trees, balls hang in clusters in front of our vision and futile and wrong-headed experiments flash intermittently in the dark. Optimism in nature gives way to random attempts fueled by hope and grief.

And you feel in the dark, separate, away from the world. My experience is that the grief is always with you, like a shadow of something that was never there, falling across your page.

‘Endless Reproduction’ is a book in progress.