Last Summer

2017 - ongoing

This series of photographs began in North Island New Zealand. Taking photographs at Mermaid’s Pool in 2017 triggered this ongoing body of work. I realised it was the first time in a long time, that I’d been able to look long enough to compose a photograph, rather than look away from a scene I could not recreate in my own life.

The first photograph at Mermaid Pool, New Zealand shows a group of different generations, two of the adults are raising their hands in a mirrored gesture, shielding their eyes to observe the camera drone above them. We’re all in the water, connected through the liquid, the raised hands are a unifying gesture, the group appears arranged just for me.

There’s an image of cohabitation present in these scenes, the photographer and subject, groups in different domains as individuals, friends, children and parents. We signal ourselves as together through our proximity and distance. In these photographs the theatre space of the beach and the riverside holds us in a shared love of water; these locations are my connection back to a sense of closeness to the strangers in front of me.