Photo of studio from the outside

Notebook 4

Notebook 4, our latest work in progress exhibition, and first with our new studio member David San Millan del Rio.  Thank you to Karen McQuaid from The Photographer’s Gallery who came over to chat with us and visitors about the work.

Invite for Notebook4 show

Notebook 4

Exhibition at the studio for next two weekends, pv tonight and Karen McQuaid from The Photographers’ Gallery speaking on Sun 27th November at 3pm.  Showing Trigger, first shown at Hotshoe Gallery in August and new work Windfall.  Showing with David Emitt Adams, Laura Braun, Heather McDonough, David San Millan del Rio.  See our studio blog at

Apple tree in garden

Work in progress

Experimenting with different subjects setting off the camera.  Apples falling, breaking the beam and triggering the shot. Thinking of Newton’s apple and chains of events – minor events influencing larger.  Working on new projection / film for open studio in November –


The Photographers’ Gallery Commission

Test set up for commission for The Photographers’ Gallery World in London project using Heather McDonough’s cat – who set the shutter off by moving through the infra red trigger.  The final images will be released as part of the overall project next year.  More info –

Screen shot of Swarm of Consciousness website

‘Swarm of Consciousness’

Artist Helena Goldwater invited me into the online project Chain Letter London: Swarm of Consciousness.  Beginning with 10 invitees; Doug Harvey (Los Angeles: Exhibitions curator), Marnie Weber (Los Angeles), Kevin Sampson (New York City) , Paul Noble (London), Judith McNicol (Hertfordshire), John Lundberg (Huddersfield), Stephen O’Malley (Paris) , Stu Mead (Berlin), Pierre Gauvin (Montreal Quebec), Gast Bouschet & Nadine Hilbert (Luxembourg / Brussels), the project took shape over 30 days as each artist invited new artists, who in turn invited new artists….  The resulting project is online at /

Audience at the opening

‘Harbingers’ opening at Centrum, Berlin

Photos from opening night of Harbingers at Centrum, Berlin on Thursday 26th May.  Artists; Clara Bausch, Amelia Bywater, Francine Delorme, Samuel Dowd, Esther Ernst, Hatty Lee, Maggie Nightingale, David Rhodes, Lucie Russell, Stefanie Saufort, Melanie Stidolph. Centrum is run by Kate Squires and David Moynihan

Photo of Bird feeder

Test shoot for Trigger

Test shoot at the weekend for Trigger project.  A big thank you to the Hart’s – Emma, Catherine and John.  Some squirrel success, more work to do on the fox.  This part of a project developing with Tri-pod –  Interested in relying on external devices to set off the shutter, these taken by the animals and the bird feeder.