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Melanie Stidolph


Image credit: John Hersey

Synesthesia is an online partner funded project by Cultivator Cornwall, developed with The Bridge at Plymouth University and Creative Kernow. My work is featured with 9 other Cornwall based artists, with insightful essays from 4 curators and writers, and portraits by John Hersey

A big thank you to writer Lizzie Lloyd for her essay on my work ‘A body in parts, interjects’. We had a long conversation, and then another, thank you Lizzie for your insights and precise and elegant phrasing.

‘Stidolph’s repeated exposure to and sharing in the watery landscapes of families at leisure becomes an act of anthropological curiosity – she watches groups interact, registering how they behave individually and together, and also when she is close, how they respond to her and her camera. It is an act of careful circling, waiting, watching, returning, reflecting and re-framing. As open as she is about her personal circumstances, at times, Stidolph pointedly subtracts herself from the work. Even the act of pressing the shutter feels too personal, too deliberate, too charged, too active.’

Lizzie is a Bristol-based writer, lecturer and researcher, writing for Art Monthly, Art Review amongst others. She has recently completed her Doctoral thesis ‘Art Writing and Subjectivity: Critical Association in Art Historical Practice’. To read more about Lizzie and to download the essay visit the Synesthesia website.