Work News

Melanie Stidolph

Photomonitor feature

Thank you to Christiane Monarchi, Editor, Photomonitor for the invitation to Stefanie Braun, co-Editor of NU and myself to talk about my series Last Summer. Stefanie invited me to be part of NU, a new pan-European journal, co-edited with Wouter De Broeck.  The first issue is framed around the theme of Habitat.
SB:What I like very much about your images is that the groups you photograph seem on the one hand very composed and directed, as if the rocks or the beach act like a theatre stage, the figures perfectly in harmony with their environment, folded into it nearly.’ 
In the interview I talk about the ‘heart-quickening self-consciousness’ of photographing strangers and the unexpected effect on me of building this body of work.
‘Continuing the series opens the potential for me to react in a more nuanced way to the idea of family I had been holding on to. Through photographing I become open to the generosity of strangers in the moment of encounter, I become part of the scene, if not part of the photograph.’ 
The feature includes three new works, not included in NU, as part of this ongoing series.