The Anachronistic Album exhibition

The Studio

I share a studio with Laura Braun and Heather McDonough.  We work on joint exhibition projects together, such as The Anachronistic Album, which was shown in London and Brighton last year.  We also occasionally open the studio for group shows with invited artists.  Visit our blog for more info –

Garden at night

New work with Tripod

I am developing new work with the photo development group 'Tripod'. Members of the group are Wendy Pye, Natasha Caruana, Dean Hollowood, Zoe Childerley, Karen Grainger, Sacha Lehrfreund,  Judith Lyons and Ellie Davis. The group is facilitated by Miranda Gavin, Hotshoe Magazine.  I'm interested in replacing the emotional 'trigger' to take a photograph with an infra red 'trigger' – set off by animals.


Symposium - ‘The Loving Gaze’

I took part in the symposium 'The Loving Gaze' at The Women's Library in November 2010.  Speakers included Susan Andrews, Emmanuelle Dirix, Robin Grierson, Heather McDonough and Paul Hill. I showed a collection of paired images of my partner and landscape / animal images.