‘The tenor is aptly summed up by the title ‘This Show is Ribbed For Her Pleasure’ – an agile fusion of the sophomoric and hamfisted with the knowingly conceptual.  Although much of the work engages with visible currents in the contemporary scene, the show is an illuminating introduction to a lineup of British artists who have staked out their own wry patch of land – imagine Rabelais with a post-ironic insecurity about what’s even funny anymore.

… Other standouts in the show include Melanie Stidolph’s large-scale digital (sic) photos… Stidolph’s picture of a white horse and its foal has a strange intensity (due in part to its ethereal, washed out color-scheme) that refuses to be immediately characterized as “doing” this or that. The sincere beauty of the photo counterbalances the My Little Pony irony of the subject matter.’

This show is ribbed for her pleasure’, Cynthia Broan Gallery, NY, Michael Paulson, NYArts Magazine, 2005