Work News

Melanie Stidolph

New studio – Porthmeor Studios

Photograph of a room with wooden floor and white walls. A studio.

New art home @porthmeorstudios!

Just listened to @elizabday podcast where she talks about infertility as the canvas her life was written on 🤍. But also have Philip Guston quote ringing in my ears about all the people that come into the studio with you and how one by one they all leave your thoughts as you work, and if you’re lucky, you leave too. Somewhere in between then…

‘When you start working, everybody is in your studio – the past, your friends, enemies, the art world, and above all, your own ideas… But as you continue painting, they start leaving, one by one and you are left completely alone. Then if you’re lucky, even you leave.’ Philip Guston

Thank you Borlase Smart Trust for this beautiful new space!