Exhibition: Except The Mirror


Except The Mirror was selected by FORMAT Festival: EXPOSURE, 2015. I invited artists working in video, installation, and analogue, digital and 3D photography – Sophie Clements, Annie MacDonell, Tom Lovelace, Richard Paul, Melanie Stidolph and Alice Walton. These works are both private explorations and public invitations to look beyond what is in front of us; to understand that we not only want to believe what we see but see what we want to believe. It is through this transaction, this act of engagement, that the apparent impartiality of objects becomes both filtered and redefined by the highly personal narratives we ascribe to them. Thank you to all the artists. Exhibition funded by Arts University Bournemouth.

‘Other works were documents of surreal gallery performance, and the highlight two photographs by Melanie Stidolph. Almost too easy to overlook they had me repeatedly walking back up to figure out just how good was what I was looking at. I was reminded of a US photographer who tossed a ping pong ball into the frame at the moment of exposure, disrupting the document – but these – part of the Evidence brief – were personal and had an elegance. They were beautiful.’

Pete McGovern blogspot, March 2015

Installation shot, Untitled, 2014, Alice Walton, Except The MIrror, FORMAT Festival, 2015

There, After (3 of 3), video 3 mins, 24 secs, Sophie Clements, 2011

Untitled, from the series Flatness, Light Black & White, Annie MacDonell, 2013

Installation shot, Everything Except The Mirror