So You Think You Know Where You Are Going? EXHIBITION


Digital prints

Install shot, Do You Know Where You're Going?, Enys House, Penryn, Cornwall, 2018

38.3592° S, 176.3691° E

Diversions, 2014

35.5591° S, 174.5143° E

From Diversions series, 2014

Do You Know Where You’re Going? was an installation at Enys House, Penryn, Cornwall. The four photographs shown were part of a new way of working, images taken of family and social groups next to water, rock pools and rivers. The accompanying photographs are taken from videos filmed in the darkroom, as part of the Diversions series. The exhibition coincided with a day of artist and curator workshops and discussions organised by Cultivator Cornwall and Back Lane West. Artists included Bronwen Anwyl, Dean Knight, Jonathan Ray, and Oliver Raymond Barker.