Untitled (Cliff)


Untitled (Cliff) was taken on the Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales. My working practice was to visit places that were outside of my day to day experience. Most often to quieter, rural environments. I took photos with a medium format film camera, a slower process than digital, and more expensive, which made composition more considered. I was looking for something that chimed with how I felt about being there and what was there. Images were shot with a mixture of slight apprehension walking alone, and fascination and freedom to be somewhere different, along with a sense of revelation when the light, angle, subject moves in a such a way that it appears to hold a moment that translates to more than the detail of its description.

Untitled (Cliff) was exhibited in Barcelona in the Photo-Soup exhibition featuring artists including; Laura Braun, Laura Pannack, Heather McDonough, Gianni Forte, Carlos Saladen-Vargas and Mark Hamilton.

Installation shot, 'Photo-Soup', Barcelona, 2010

Invitation, 'Photo-Soup', Barcelona, 2010