Windfall, 2011


'Windfall' is a single screen projection of a series of still photographs.  The apples take their own photograph as they fall from the tree, passing through the beam of a movement sensor which then triggers the camera's shutter.

'One of these applies is no longer attached to this tree. It was thrown into the camera's view and an image was made as it crashed through the branches and presumably fell to the ground, with some noise.  The photograph was not taken by a human hand, but rather by a motion detector; triggered by a single, unattached apple moving vertically through the frame.

Looking at this picture I know it is a photograph, and therefore I know the apple tree is dead. There is an absence in this image that attracts me to it.  Like other interesting photographs, this one thinks, like all other photographs, this one lies.  I enjoy this picture because I know there is nothing more difficult to photograph than an apple, but in some unavoidable way, I am lying too: if I think photography as nothing whatsoever to do with truth then any reflection upon it cannot contain a modicum of certainty.

...By taking away something in the making of this photograph, we are offered something dead and rotten with no sharp ends.  The picture allows us to think politically: to think beyond one human and one response and instead to the wider social function of a particular form of photographic technology as it relates to the authority of images' 

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Exhibitions featuring this work:

Notebook 4

The Studio, London, 2011

Exhibition at the studio for two weekends with David Emitt Adams, Laura Braun, Heather McDonough and David San Millan del Rio. Talk from Karen McQuaid, curator, The Photographers' Gallery on Sun 27th November.  Showing 'Trigger', first exhibited at Hotshoe Gallery in August and new work 'Windfall', both projected in our darkroom.  See the studio blog at