Rock, 2008

Exhibitions featuring this work:

Make, Believe: Paredoila, The extraordinary in the Mundane

Nick Kaplony, Richard Paul and Melanie Stidolph
Blank Gallery, Brighton, 2010

Make, Believe is an exhibition of work by three contemporary photographers that explore ‘Paredoila’ - the human tendency to interpret information and find meaning from the humblest and scantest of evidence - and consider this need and its implications in the production and perception of their work. This exhibition marks the beginning of a longer collaborative period of research.

Nick Kaplony’s ‘Transmitter/Receiver’ is a striking series of photographic portraits of his family unit which uses the iconography of the Rorschach to create the possibility of meaning and connection in the emotional makeup of family members. Richard Paul’s works are at once detached and poetic. The meticulous placement and act of photographing seemingly disparate objects, suggests not only a relationship between them but an overarching significance that is greater than the sum of its parts. For Make, Believe Paul has also constructed a new installation using 3D slide projection, which uses studio still life and original 1950s stereo images to consider the classification of objects and the pictorial use of space. Melanie Stidolph’s photographs present the viewer with moments of nature which vacillate in their interpretation between cliché and archetype, significant and incidental, and the prosaic and sublime.

Nick Kaplony is an artist and curator; recent curatorial projects include ‘Exquisite Corpse’, Core Gallery, London and ‘Hypercomics’, Pump House Gallery, London. His work has been seen in exhibitions at Way East and VTO galleries in London, amongst others. ‘I Was a Teenage Handmodel Too’ (2009) was Richard Paul’s first solo show at Seventeen gallery, London. He has a solo show at Theodore Art, New York in April 2011. Melanie Stidolph has exhibited with public and artist-run spaces including MOT, Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sunderland and Newlyn Art Gallery. Recent exhibitions include the two person show ‘Running and Standing’ at The Agency, London.