Trigger, 2011


'Trigger', 2011 is a two screen projection, the work shows a circular set of images; a bedroom seen through a window and a series of birds beside a camera peering into the room, shot from inside.  The birds activity outside as they land on the feeder, sets off the camera shutter via a movement sensor attached to the camera. The two sets of looped images are shown opposite each other, changing every few seconds.  

Exhibitions featuring this work:

Nine Point Perspective

Hotshoe Gallery, London, 2011

Tri-pod presents its first group exhibition 'Nine-Point Perspective: Ways of Seeing', showcasing the work of nine selected visual artists and photographers working on personal photographic and lens-based projects. This exhibition was conceived by deputy and online editor of Hotshoe magazine Miranda Gavin with Tri-pod co-founder and photographer Wendy Pye and is the culmination of work developed as part of Tri-pod’s first research and development group held at Hotshoe Gallery from 2010-11.

'...In Trigger, Melanie Stidolph turns the table on urban wildlife and introduces a shift of control as she allows animal action rather than human thought to trigger the shutter.'

Artists: Natasha Caruana, Zoe Childerley, Ellie Davies, Karen Grainger, Dean Hollowood, Judith Lyons, Sacha Lehrfreund, Wendy Pye. /