Stanley, 2006

Exhibitions featuring this work:

Real, Fake and Imagined

Laura Braun, Mandy Lee Jandrell and Melanie Stidolph
Permanent Gallery with The Regency Town House, Brighton, 2006

To coincide with the Brighton Photo Biennial and as part of the Brighton Photo Fringe,  these three emergent artists present new and previously unseen photographs that explore notions of landscape and the building of meaning around it. Playing with illusion - nature approaches fantasy and constructed leisure environments are exposed in their fallacy:

Laura Braun - documents urban swimming pools and lidos, out of season, in states of  abandonment, showing these spaces as disused sites of forgotten dreams.

Mandy Lee Jandrell - explores the manufactured landscapes of wildlife parks, botanical  gardens and theme parks to uncover the pre-packaging of the real.

Melanie Stidolph - makes epic narrative images from intensely experiential moments,  immersed within remote landscapes and amongst native wildlife.

Using these different elements ‘Real, Fake and Imagined’ creates a dialogue that  disillusions and re-mystifies our conceptions of landscape. The Regency Town House is a grade 1 listed terraced house from the mid 1820s situated in the rich architectural heritage of Brunswick Square that faces Brighton and Hove seafront. Sited within these wonderful surroundings, amidst restoration, this exhibition correlates with the traces  of opulence and removed layers.

‘Real, Fake and Imagined’ is an off-site project in collaboration with Permanent  Gallery and is curated by Paddy Kernohan.    The exhibition will be complimented by two pieces of writing: Clare Moloney from artist- group OMSK, has written a textual translation of the artists’ images; and Stefanie Braun, curator, The Photographers’ Gallery, will respond to the work in its unique setting in a text freely available within the exhibition.

'Real, Fake and Imagined introduces us to the work of three London-based photographers - Laura Braun, Mandy Lee Jandrell and Melanie Stidolph - who all deal in different ways with the natural habitat that surrounds us, the environments that we construct for ourselves, and the search for an ideal relation between us and nature. Instead of Regency mirrors on the walls we now have photographs which in turn reflect, echo as well as question the landscape that we see outside our windows.'

Stefanie Braun, Curator, The Photographers' Gallery