She is already here, 2015

Exhibitions featuring this work:

Eventually Everything Connects

Mandy Lee Jandrell and Melanie Stidolph

Solent Showcase, Southampton

18 May - 20 June 2015

Drinks reception: Saturday 6 June, 2-5pm


‘Eventually Everything Connects’ is an installation by Melanie Stidolph and Mandy Lee Jandrell at Solent Showcase Gallery in Southampton. The exhibition will feature new unseen moving image works by Melanie Stidolph and collage based installations by Mandy Lee Jandrell installed as a closely connected body of work.

Both artists have, over the course of their careers, primarily used photography as a way to explore ideas around aesthetics and the cultural production of meaning as it is built through the lens. In this exhibition the artists question their relationship to the camera and the printed image through a multiplicity of approaches, creating a fragmentary narrative.

The exhibition has arisen from conversations between the artists that have developed over the last eight years. In both cases the artists’ practice has shifted from a close alliance to a reading of photographs through the status of the privileged singular image to an overlapping of interrupted scenes and forms. Over time, they have developed a way of interrogating one another’s practice, finding ways to articulate and question the flux of ideas and the increasingly experimental outcomes. In both there is a desire to unsettle their existing ways of working and disrupt the coherence of the image.

In developing this exhibition they hope that the works will continue that conversation and forge new ways of encountering the photographic image. The viewer might reflect on how the works sit alongside each other independently, whilst strategies of making and disparate narratives inherent in the works begin to echo and respond to each other.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication based on an interview and image exchange between the two artists, a culmination of ideas discussed on the blog: