Guillemots, 2009

Exhibitions featuring this work:

The Shandy Show

Including; Clunie Reid, Mark Titchner, Sarah Lucas, Doyle and Mallinson
University of the Arts Gallery, London, 2009

The Arts Gallery is proud to present the first major gallery exhibition of works from an unorthodox and intriguing private collection.  The Shandy Show reveals an eclectic set of artworks amassed by an anonymous London-based collector over the last decade; uniquely, the majority of the works were accrued through an exchange for his skilled labour for art. 

The Shandy Show presents a snapshot of a collection where the conventional financial requirements for collecting fine art have been subverted, substituting skilled work in exchange for acquisitions.  Working as an art installer, art technician and builder, the collector has to date amassed an enviable collection of over 80 pieces.

The Shandy Collection does not adhere to any strict criteria governing media, content or size; the defining aim has been to acquire works that are representative of each artists's practice.  If anything unifies the collection it is the collector's own life as he lives and works amongst the artists of East London.  Indeed, the collection itself takes its name from the street in which the collector lived.